Friday, 5 December 2014

Justin Bieber: You’ve Probably Lost Selena Gomez For Good

Justin, are you ready to accept that you may never hold and kiss Selena ever again? You may never be what her heart wants anymore. After pushing her away too many times, HollywoodLife.com hears that Hailey Baldwin is Selena’s final straw. Is this what you want?
Justin Bieber, there are just so many times that you can break Selena Gomez‘s heart. And Justin, there are just so many promises that you can forget.

Justin Bieber Lost Selena Gomez For Good: You Probably Can’t Get Her Back
Guess what, Justin? You’ve gotten to that point. You’ve finally cracked Selena’s years-long love obsession with you.

Your new fling with Hailey Baldwin is the final straw.

Selena, 22, is both “shocked” and “hurt” that you’ve decided to get hot and heavy with Hailey, 18.

“Selena is just in disbelief that Justin could move on from her so quickly,” a source close to your ex told HollywoodLife.com exclusively.

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Justin, 20, it makes Selena feel “that everything he told her, like how he couldn’t love without her and that she was his princess soulmate, was just a bunch of lies. She’s really shocked and hurt that Justin is so serious with Hailey in such a short amount of time,” the source explained.

We can understand exactly how Selena feels, and how she sees your new romance with Hailey as such a betrayal.

Justin, you had Selena convinced that you finally weren’t interested in any other girls but her, and that your new primary focus was on your “spiritual studies and church, until she came back” to you, the insider revealed.

Selena felt secure in that. She felt that you two finally had an understanding that even if you weren’t together at the moment, you were preparing to be together again.

She did still hold out hope that you would ultimately realize that you were true soulmates and that you would one day be ready to commit to her forever.

Yes, she did want a proposal. But Justin, she felt she needed this after all your past broken promises of fidelity and commitment.

Justin Bieber: You’ve Pushed Selena Gomez Too Far
Justin, for a few weeks it did seem like you were working on your spirituality, spending time with Pastor Carl Lentz, instead of partying and flirting.

You have to see how let down Selena is now. She thought there was hope. She thought she had a future with you.

But now she sees photos of Hailey in your arms and hears that you and Hailey “are starting to like each other and they are having a really good time,” according to a source close to you.

Justin, Selena is just done now. This new romance, this new disappointment is her final straw. You’ve pushed her away too far for the final time.

Now Selena has made a very firm resolution for 2015, HollywoodLife.com has learned exclusively.

“She wants nothing to do with Justin Bieber. She wants to do it cold turkey,” an insider has revealed to us.

So Justin, you asked for it. You have finally done what not too long ago you feared most. You have lost Selena forever.

Think long and hard about it — is this really what you want? If it isn’t, then you better act fast or get ready for a Selena-free life!

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